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2014 is proving to be a busy year in tech. With the official "good-bye" to Windows XP by Microsoft, people are wondering what to do with their computers still running the venerable system. Mynex has the answer!


Don't Throw Away Your Old PC

Let the Professionals at MYNEX Upgrade Your Windows XP System

As you may know, Microsoft ended all support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. This means no more security and bug patches, leaving your computer even more vulnerable to viruses and malware as time goes on. In business, you risk being non-compliant with PCI requirements and other regulations. Hardware and software support by 3rd-party companies is already changing. Technology is changing rapidly and you need a computer that is current.

Comprehensive Upgrade Starting at $199

Includes your own Windows 7 or 8 DVD (a $99 value)