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Acceptable Use Policy

Mynex Systems, Inc. (hereto referred to as "Mynex"), provides Internet connections and services to private individuals and businesses. Mynex owns and operates the network and its domain registered with SRS Plus for Internet connections as Mynex strives to provide high quality networking and web services to its customers.

The Internet is a large network of interconnected networks and computer systems. There is no single governing body with authority over this system due to its global size and connections. As a common carrier, Mynex cannot be held responsible for the content of any material received from the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its use or misuse. Users of Mynex are also advised that in the case their data and communications leave Mynex and are carried by other networks that they are subject to the acceptable use policies of those networks. These policies should be respected.

Mynex suggests minors using the Internet be supervised by parents. "Questionable material" is relatively easily accessible on the Internet and Mynex cannot act as a screening agent. Various safeguards are available to prevent access to such materials by minors, but no safeguard can replace the guidance of a parent or be expected to be 100% reliable.

The following rules are applicable only to the usage of Mynex networks.

Acceptable Uses include but are not limited to:

  • Private and data communications
  • Communication via newsgroups and mail lists that conforms to their usage guidelines
  • Data retrieval from machines configured to offer public access to that data
  • Data communication within the confines of applicable law

Unacceptable Uses include but are not limited to:

  • Use for illegal purposes
  • Transmittal of threatening, obscene, or harassing materials
  • Activities that interfere with or disrupt the operation of network users, services, or equipment
  • Distribution of unsolicited advertisements
  • Posting of inappropriate materials to newsgroups or mail lists
  • Attempting to make unauthorized access to any machine available on the Mynex network or through its Internet connection
  • Posting of "chain letters" and / or unsolicited email, commonly referred to as junk mail or spam
  • Performance of mass file transfers during peak hours when it could be scheduled at other times

If one must question whether something is acceptable one should assume that it is not until approved by Mynex.

Users of Mynex Services are required to:

  • Respect the privacy of other users of the Mynex network
  • Respect the privacy of other networks
  • Respect all laws regarding copyrights, licenses, and other protections for software, communications, data, and published materials
  • Take appropriate measures to protect the security of their account
  • Inform Mynex if they believe the security of their account has been compromised
  • Give accurate information when applying for an account
  • Inform Mynex of phone number and address changes

Violations of policy will be addressed on a case by case basis and can lead to termination of service.

Mynex will:

  • Release personal information about users under court subpoena or with the users consent
  • Cooperate in any investigation requested by parties alleging that you have violated a law that is enforceable in our or your jurisdiction
  • Cooperate in any investigation requested by parties alleging that you have violated the terms of this agreement.