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Mynex Mail Defender

Managed message filtering, protection and archiving
for your email accounts and servers

Protect and secure your existing email system - why deal with wasted bandwidth?

Mynex Mail Defender is a scalable, reliable and affordable hosted antivirus and spam email protection service. Compatible with any email infrastructure, with highly effective cloud-based filtering that blocks spam and email-borne threats before they reach the network, this service also includes an integrated continuity feature.

Email continuity

The built-in integrated queuing and on-demand email service provides a simple yet highly valuable means by which you can access and respond to new messages even when your own email infrastructure is offline.

Scalability and reliability

The use of multiple systems at multiple datacenters means superior scalability and amazing reliability that you won't get with an on-premise solution.

Industry-leading virus protection

Mynex Mail Defender provides a unique combination of technologies to defend against email-borne threats, including zero-hour antivirus defense, virtualization-based malware detection technology, and traditional signature-based antivirus engines – together resulting in unmatched malware defense and spam protection.

Easy and affordable

With a straightforward per-user-per-month pricing structure, no start-up costs and minimal or no training requirements, it's not surprising that so many of our own customers are using this tool.


Mynex Mail Defender Pricing

This service is free for Mynex customers with an "" e-mail address. Choose one of the packages below if you use a domain name other than for your e-mail.

Single POP Account - $4.95 per month. Alias e-mail addresses are free.

Base Package - $10.95 per month (Up to 10 POP accounts)

  • Note: Each POP Account can have its own Mail Defender login and filter settings. Or, you can group together POP accounts under one Mail Defender login by designating them as aliases. This would allow one person to oversee all the quarantined messages for a given email account.
  • Alias e-mail addresses are free and do not count as a separate POP account.
  • Domain name aliases (siblings) are allowed. However, email addresses allowed for one domain should be accepted for the siblings as well.

Additional POP Account coverage - $1.00 each per month
Initial purchase of the Base Package is required.

25 Pack - $24.95 per month (Up to 25 POP Accounts)

  • 25 POP Accounts are covered
  • Same benefits as Base Package

50 Pack - $47.95 per month (Up to 50 POP Accounts)

  • 50 POP Accounts are covered.
  • Same benefits as Base Package

100 Pack - $89.95 per month (Up to 100 POP Accounts)

  • 100 POP Accounts are covered.
  • Same benefits as Base Package.

If you need help, a custom quote, or want to add this service to your account please contact us.